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A roadmap for the county’s future economic development has been updated.

The County Office of Economic Development, in partnership with the Kaua’i Economic Development Council, announced in a news release Thursday, March 24 the release of Kaua’i’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan for 2022-26.

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan is a strategy-driven approach to regional economic planning, serving to engage community leaders, include private sector participation and establish a strategic plan for regional collaboration, according to the release. The plan was last updated for 2016-20.

“This plan will serve as a roadmap and eventual framework for assessing and making progress toward economic goals that county stakeholders have collectively set,” said Jackie Kaina, director of the Kaua’i Economic Development Board, in the release. Press. “Over the next five years, the Kaua’i County CEDS Steering Committee, Industry Clusters and Kaua’i Economic Development Council will monitor progress and continue to build the partnerships necessary to achieve CEDS goals.

During the summer of 2021, the plan’s steering committee focused on the theme “Kupa’a Kaua’i – Kaua’i Forward!” – aligning with the county’s pandemic recovery plan to come together as a community, working collaboratively to rebuild, restart and reinvigorate the future of the island, the statement said. The CEDS update brought together a wide range of community leaders from business, government, education, nonprofits, technology and agriculture to exchange ideas and discuss challenges and opportunities to make Kaua’i County a better place.

“We extend our thanks and appreciation to our Office of Economic Development and our partner, the Kaua’i Economic Development Council, Jackie Kaina, and to the focus group stakeholders for helping us navigate this process,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said in the press release. “Furthermore, we would like to thank the many participants who dedicated their time and effort to developing this plan that will guide us through the next four years.”

The update maintains previous plans’ focus on diversifying Kaua’i’s economy by focusing on industrial clusters – food and agriculture, sustainable renewable energy technologies and practices, science and technology, health and well-being. -being and arts and culture. This year, the management of the visitor industry and the preservation of natural resources have been added as priority areas.

The plan update process allowed for networking opportunities among community members, during which they were able to discuss and debate important issues, according to the press release. During the development process, a total of 25 virtual meetings were held, focusing on topics such as economic growth, tourism management, agricultural practices, infrastructure improvement, technology exploitation, strengthening health care, transport alternatives and climate change.

“In the spirit of ‘Kupa’a Kaua’i – Kaua’i Forward!’, this document aims to serve as a tool for better communication and collaboration in order to build a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable regional economy, which is something we all want,” Economic Development Office Director Nalani Brun said in the statement. “Economic diversification clearly takes a village, and I want to thank our community members for helping to make that happen for all of us.”

To view a copy of the plan, click here then click on the “Kaua’i Economic Development Plan” tab, or visit the Kaua’i Economic Development Council website.

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