The very first metaverse of the upcoming BEP998 farm game

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – November 20, 2021) – Newyork-Bionic World, a new generation of NFT + GameFi games, will be launching soon! Frontier engine brings high quality animation and gaming experience. The 998 system creates an exclusive role for players. In addition, the dynamic weather system strongly restores the fun games to reality! What is more, this model of economic system with high added value will also attract the attention and expectations of big players!

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Born with a silver spoon and Ethereum EVM compatibility, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is the leader in the gaming industry ensuring its competitive edge in terms of cost reduction and performance. As NFT-based blockchain games gain popularity, a full-fledged mature NFT game on BSC has yet to emerge.

After interviewing and advising a series of gamefi insiders and engaged participants on why this is the case, it strikes me that the industry is barely past a baby boom phase. While the gamefi enthusiasts (gambling + decentralized finance) are either in favor of any defined chain game (shorthanded challenge) or just don’t care about the game / finance ratio (nancing) as long as they earn a lot of money. money easily when playing, not to mention the organic combination of duality.

The full-fledged NFT game

The good news is that at least NFT games are stepping into the decentralized realm cluttered with crawling crypto miniacs. And seriously this time, the headwinds are coming in their face. A bunch of very talented and experienced traditional game studios are taking the self-proclaimed off-center clique by storm with an all-in-one NFT public channel design that has won over early individual investors and angel funds who by now are secured by the media. exposure.

Game engines, algorithms, tools, items, consumables, earnings, possession, all will be gradually made available to players by design. The pillar consists of a game mechanism and a DAO governance trust structure with the support of two BEP20 tokens – BIO being the ecologically friendly token and BW the nascent in-game token with a governance function later. The two tokens are related and the trading pairs of them should be listed.

The CNFT BEP998 that change the game

Rumor has it that by building its exclusive meta-farm, Bionic World implements the BEP 998 protocol (left unattended?). So what is the BEP998 game token used for in Bionic World? In layman’s terms, grouped NFT sets with deterministic property relationships, that is, owning all subordinate tokens (NFT and FT) through a single token property. So the flexible transfer of any subordinate part and parcel cannot be simpler and easier. From the player’s point of view, it is game asset management made easy, costs go down, and asset value multiplies. The BEP998 standard laid the foundation for inbound chain games. Let this be a rare case where it is the standard that leads the trend other than the app dominates the use of tokens.

Bionic World becomes the very first game to integrate BEP998 Composable Tokens (CNFT) to all of its players. This breakthrough allows players to not only purchase and own farm utilities, but assemble their own unique avatars as an in-game digital identity and develop joint farming entities / farming consortia. Not only that, we have been told that Bionic World is working against time to make the promised full Holivere (interconnected metaverse) involvement achievable. More instances of different kinds of games like fighting and racing world should be created based on CNFTs. The original metafarm avatars could move to and from unlimited warp speed. All combined, Bionic World constitutes a virtual space called Cool Play.

How is the extravagant avatar system?

Bionic World seems to be obsessed with unfathomable depth and hellish variety. A deep dive into an immersive metaverse requires a high level of density and complexity of the game’s visual states and corresponding stats. A system of composable surface components and multilayer subsurface structure has been developed to couple with the extricable BEP998 standard. In doing so, the bionic world has pushed NFT usability to its limits and thus opened up a whole new chained game time space never seen before. Note that Bionic World employed some 2,000 digital artists to create a 52-game system per avatar. This artistic endeavor will end with a myriad of unique avatar CNFTs, which is simply beyond my words.

We are told that as the CNFT token interface lays the groundwork, a high-speed and complex engine with a mesh of functional algorithms supporting the colossal game becomes indispensable. This is what kept most of the daredevils away from crypto games before Bionic World was in sight. How is that difficult? Refer to what Holverse is, a compound of holistics and metaverse. The verification and implementation of Holiverse is deeply due to a mathematical puzzle called Sphere Eversion that could only be technical candy for hardcore geeks. For something larger than life, there are certainly nuances to getting to the bottom of the philosophy and differential topology, I bet.

Access to the Bionic World CNFT token

I must admit that I have never seen one closer. Everything looks cool and somehow engaging … What does a Bionic World Holiverse mean to me and you laser-eyed cryptoers? As luck would have it, the hundreds of thousands of unique CNFT farmers avatars (NFTs of all NFTs for me) will slip into the bags / chests of the honored BIO token holders through the exchange. BIO-BW DEX and Trading BW-NFT. Want to participate in the token sale to savor the extravagant CNFT avatars? Add the private and public sale dates to your watchlist:

  • December 12, 2021 marks the start of BIO’s first private sale.

  • The private sale lasts until January 23, 2022.

  • February 15, 2022 marks the start of the public sale of BIO on DEX.

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