The City of Greenville launches a call for tenders for a strategic economic development action plan

The City of Greenville has just submitted a request for strategic economic development action plan, essentially a framework for the implementation of the comprehensive city plan, known as GVL2040.

The bid submission asked “a qualified company” to develop such a plan, with successful proposals providing “qualifications for the development of such a strategic plan, including relevant experience and references as well as a brief narrative approach to drawing up the plan ”.

What is the GVL2040?

GVL2040 is both ambitious and complex and touches everything from the city’s growth to its core values, development codes to concerns about quality of life and many other factors, all with the goal of achieving a better city in the next two decades.

How does a strategic economic plan feed into the GVL2040?

The objective of the strategic economic development plan would be to “fully understand the current environment, identify the strengths, weaknesses and key industrial clusters, and remove obstacles to attracting additional investment and job growth, ”noted the published offer.

Coordination between several city departments and external stakeholders will also be crucial, the publication adds. These stakeholders include the Greenville Local Development Corporation, Greenville Area Development Corporation, Northern State Alliance, Ten at the top, Greenville Chamber of Commerce and FOLLOWING, among others.

Offers will be accepted from now until 2 p.m. November 2, giving companies less than a month to prepare their proposals.

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