The city council is looking for candidates for 2 new economic development councils

Hoover City Council is seeking 12 people to fill positions on two newly created city councils related to economic development – the Hoover Commercial Development Authority and the Hoover Downtown Redevelopment Authority.

The two entities, which were created by the council in August, have similar goals but some differences, said Greg Knighton, the city’s economic developer.

A downtown redevelopment authority may provide credit to provide loans to any person, corporation, partnership or other entity to cover the costs of industrial, commercial, office, parking, or residential projects within a 3 mile radius within the central business district of a city, Knighton said. .

A business development authority can spend money to acquire, own and / or rent a property to incentivize new business ventures and can make improvements to the property for the same purpose, he said.

A business development authority has a more defined list of types of projects that it can undertake. These include manufacturing, research and development, and shopping center projects, Knighton said.

While a downtown redevelopment authority can only be established to cover a three-mile radius from the center of a business district, a business development authority can work on projects across the city, a- he declared.

Hoover City Council can establish the boundaries of a downtown redevelopment authority district, Knighton said. If a pin was placed at the intersection of US 31 and Patton Chapel Road, that district would include the Lorna Road area, US corridor 31, Bluff Park and the Riverchase Galleria, he said.

A downtown redevelopment authority is exempt from tax, including properties within the authority’s borders, Knighton said.

The new Hoover Commercial Development Authority is designed to have five people on its board, while the Hoover Downtown Redevelopment Authority is designed to have seven board members.

The Board is looking for people from certain industries to sit on each Board of Directors.

For the Commercial Development Authority, the council is looking for people to represent the financial / banking sector, the legal sector, the infrastructure / engineering sector and business development, real estate and the retail sector.

For the Downtown Redevelopment Authority, the board is seeking individuals to represent the financial / banking sector, the legal sector, the infrastructure / engineering sector, business development, the real estate and retail sector, and the sports, entertainment and marketing sector.

Applicants must designate which board they wish to sit on and which sector they represent.

Letters of Interest and Resumes should be hand delivered or emailed by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 11, and should be delivered to the Hoover Municipal Clerk’s Office at Hoover Town Hall at 100 Municipal Lane or emailed to [email protected]

Hoover City Councilor Derrick Murphy said he was hopeful the council could appoint the two councils at the Jan. 18 council meeting.

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