Support for Levitt Flisser based on economic and social issues | Letters to the Editor

Unlike Democratic Socialist Jamaal Bowman who is out of touch with the values, intelligence and concerns of the people of Scarsdale, our former Mayor Miriam Levitt Flisser demonstrated integrity and concern for issues important to us over her years. of service and is well placed to represent us in the House of Representatives.

Mr Bowman raised his eyebrows during a March 2021 speech at Chase Park proclaiming: ‘Our country was built on hate, genocide, discrimination and slavery, and everything ugly in the psyche of mankind. This is what this country was built on. These historically false, culturally corrosive and divisive comments certainly do not represent the prevailing views of our politically moderate community which understands that warts and all, the United States was built on the divine rights of individual liberty and creative equality which are protected by the world’s oldest Constitution and the rule of law.

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