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Aerlytix, a fast-growing Irish aviation finance technology specialist, has been awarded the Airline Economics Aviation 100 Technology Innovation Award 2022.

The prize has been won at the Airline Economics Growth Frontiers conference held in Dublin from May 8-11. The conference has returned after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ireland is renowned for being the birthplace of aircraft leasing, but never is that more evident than during aviation conference week when thousands of aviation leaders gather – some for the first time in over two years – to discuss, debate and plan for the future recovery and growth of the aviation industry.

Aviation tends to lag behind other financial sector asset classes in terms of technology – many manual processes remain, with a heavy reliance on spreadsheets to analyze fleet investments and costs.

Aerlytix is ​​transforming aviation finance with disruptive technology, saving aircraft owners and investors significant time and money, where complex maintenance and lease modeling are key to achieving returns on investment optimal.

Aerlytix Analytics Suite is able to model and structure many different types of complex transactions that previously would only have been possible using a spreadsheet on a case-by-case basis.

Aerlytix’s analytics suite has been nominated by a wide range of aviation finance clients for the Technology Innovation Award, highlighting the benefits of maintenance forecasting processes and the effectiveness of the cash flow and maintenance reserve reporting tool, with many noting its flexibility and ease of use.

Chairman and CEO Alan Doyle said the company was happy to meet the high demands placed on it.

“Our strong growth trajectory places high demands on us, but tackling these challenges is what excites and motivates us every day.”

“The highlight of the past year has been working with key donors and investors and supporting them in their operational and business objectives. We work closely with our customers and adapt to their growing needs as they explore the truly transformative nature of our technology. As a local Irish business with an international team and outlook, we are extremely proud to be leading the charge to transform the future of aviation finance for the better.

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