Requests for funding for economic development in Riverton range from $1,200 to $1.6M

Several local officials said they want to see “small projects” benefit from Riverton’s half percent sales tax for economic development this month.

So what are some of these small projects?

County 10 asked the city for a list of organizations that have applied for the funding since Fremont County voters approved the optional sales tax in 2020.

In March 2021, the city received seven applications totaling nearly $2.4 million, including:
-$1.6 million from Riverton Medical District for a new hospital
-$454,800 from Central Wyoming College for the Rocky Mountain Complex
-$150,000 from the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming for the Riverton Branch Club
-$24,000 from Makerspace 307 for new equipment to expand workforce training
-$5,000 from Eagles Hope Transitions for a vocational training program
-$4,200 from the Riverton Youth Soccer Association to secure a lease with the CWC for the available land
-$1,200 from Fremont Local Foods for an economic impact study of Farmer’s Market operations

In July 2021, the city received five applications for economic development funding totaling approximately $755,000, including:
-$420,872 from the Riverton Ice Hockey Association for a refrigeration system
-$180,000 from Riverton Girls Fastpitch Softball for a “makeover” of the softball fields and complex
-$80,000 from Kifaru for the development of the head office and the purchase of new equipment and machinery
-$40,000 from Riverton Ambassadors for the design and development of the WYRiverton website
-$36,000 from Recreation Archery Designs Innovations for the completion of a bow spider building for manufacturing, assembly and shipping of products

In June 2022, the city received 10 applications for economic development funding totaling approximately $1.2 million, including:
-$600,000 from the Riverton Ice Hockey Association for a refrigeration system (refrigerated rink floor)
-$209,000 from the Fremont Air Service Team for commercial air service support
-$90,000 from Next Level Gymnastics LLC for gym building expansion and equipment purchase
-$80,823 from Synergy Art Studio and Gallery to establish and fund operating costs and artistic programming
-$75,000 from Rtown Metalworks LLC to purchase materials for metal art and crafting
-$65,000 from Fremont Local Foods for an on-site market that will be open six days a week for in-store and online purchases
-$52,000 from Ugly Chews LLC for expansion
-$20,000 from Sugarbeats Entertainment/Riverton Chamber of Commerce for the Summer Concert Series
-$7,000 from the Riverton Rendezvous Committee for the replacement of a hot air balloon envelope

Of the 22 total applications, four organizations have received funding so far, including Riverton Medical District ($880,000), Fremont Air Service Team ($140,000), CWC ($100,000) and Kifaru ($80,000). $000).

Applications for economic development funding are submitted to the city’s EDGE committee, which makes recommendations to Riverton City Council for consideration.

For more information, call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.

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