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Gun violence

I can understand my Republican friends campaigning to ban abortion – after all, every pregnancy is a human life with potential. What I don’t understand is why the same zeal they show for anti-abortion laws doesn’t extend to supporting life after birth and protecting school children from gun violence. Surely these are lives that are also worth saving.

I can’t imagine the Founders agreeing with the gun lobby that the Second Amendment was designed to protect the right of individuals to buy and bear military-grade guns without any restrictions or regulations. Imagine if the Second Amendment had been written about automobiles. The strict originals would insist that no permits are required, no vehicle regulations, no safety requirements and no training. All the laws that have saved so many lives from car accidents over the past 50 years.

No civilized country comes close to the United States in gun death tolls and gun ownership rates. Abundant information correlates ease of availability and firearm deaths. Several polls show that most Americans support tougher gun laws. There is no perfect solution, but a lot can be done to reduce this epidemic of gun violence, read Nicolas Kristoff’s op-ed.

Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee


The ultimate goal

The madness of the ultimate goal of Marxist theory is communism. This ideology has become endemic in our public schools, our universities and in our government.

The radical left is so at the edge of rational, logical thought that it threatens the very heart of our unique American promise; which is to promote the best life, freedom and prosperity possible under any democratic political/economic system in human history.

The idea that “equality” and/or “fairness” even exists is absurd. The implementation of affirmative action measures across the social spectrum is not only foolish, but betrays all of nature, weakens our society and undermines any effort aimed at real progress, not only as a nation, but on a basis individual.

Group identity politics and “diversity” are downright divisive. We should never consider formulating public policy around micro-minorities, nor should we ever accept outliers in areas of normality. We should never tolerate our government doing things behind our backs in an undemocratic and dictatorial way. Embrace your bill of rights before that too is stripped away by Marxists.

Michael Souder


Will we face the truth?

In a conversation with a friend of 70 years, an English politician, I learned that in his country and during his lifetime, there was only one (1) school massacre. It’s one in his 70s.

In this country, the United States, we have had 115 school shootings (massacres) since 2018. We have become a country that not only fails to protect its children, but also murders them, often using children to kill children. other children.

We are the most armed and violent nation in the world. And the diversion of our politicians to “negotiations” and “investigations” is simply a euphemism for all talk and no action.

Blame is conveyed with endless pointing fingers. I haven’t heard anyone take responsibility for what’s really going on. Lots of sad faces and talking about tragedy and more. It doesn’t mean anything anymore, and our children know it. I wonder if this country will ever face the truth.

Anne Stine


Even our children are sacrificed for weapons

Mass shootings have become a normal way of life in the United States After the horrific loss of children and teachers in Uvalde, mass shootings continue.

If you vote Republican for any office, you vote for more gun violence because Republican members of Congress oppose common sense gun control. The United States has many more weapons than people. At the very least, background checks, age restrictions, and AR-15 elimination are imperative right now.

Other countries that have experienced mass shootings are quickly implementing gun control to protect their citizens. Does the GOP serve and protect the people? No. Today, there is no other issue more crucial than the elimination of domestic terrorism. If you want to protect the lives of our children, don’t vote Republican. Their solution is more weapons.

Almira Hercl


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