Musk: here’s how Musk hired Indian-born Tesla’s autopilot head


Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal how he chose Ashok Elluswamy from India to work as an autopilot team manager at his electric vehicle company.

Elluswamy was actually the first employee to be hired for Tesla’s autopilot team, with Musk actually using Twitter to ask people to apply for the job in 2015.

“I tweeted that Tesla was about to launch an autopilot team. Through this tweet, Ashok was the first to be selected to the autopilot team,” Musk said in a tweet.

Before joining Tesla, he worked with WABCO Vehicle Control System and completed an internship at the Volkswagon Electronic Research Lab.

He holds a BA in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy, Chennai and an MA in Robotic Systems Development from Carnegie Mellon University.

According to a LinkedIn endorsement by Elluswamy’s professor at CMU, John Dalon, he was one of the top students and showed initiative in learning a wide variety of subjects.

Recently, Musk tweeted that he was hiring Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers who are passionate about solving everyday problems through AI.

“As always, Tesla is looking for die-hard AI engineers who care about solving the issues that directly affect people’s lives in major ways,” Musk tweeted with a link to apply for the job.

Interested candidates can apply by filling in fields like name, email address, outstanding work done in software, hardware or AI, submitting their resume in PDF format and clicking on the option Apply.

In a 2014 interview, Musk said he was looking for “evidence of exceptional ability” in a potential employee, rather than a degree from a prestigious university.

“You don’t even have to have a college degree, or even a high school diploma,” Musk said in an interview with German automotive publication Auto Bild about his hiring preferences more broadly. .


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