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Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today announced the passage of Local Law A, the Sustainable Technology and Green Energy (STAGE) Act, which establishes a green economic development plan to conserve and grow renewable energy businesses in Albany County and attracting new ones to the county as well. The new legislation will not only allow for the creation of financial incentives, but will also establish rules and regulations focused on green job creation and innovation.

“Some will tell you that the government must choose between economic development or the fight against climate change and the protection of our environment. With this local law, we say the opposite. Now that this comprehensive and critically important legislation has been passed, we are setting the stage for Albany County to be a state and national leader in investing in renewable energy technology and all the benefits that ensue,” County Executive McCoy said. .

“Between Plug Power’s expansion in the county and the manufacturing and assembly of new wind turbines in the ports of Albany and Coeymans, we’ve seen how these projects can help create highly skilled, well-paying jobs, while by being a force for good in weaning ourselves from fossil fuels. Funding from the STAGE Act will help us capitalize on this progress and continue to build towards a greener future. I want to thank Speaker Joyce for sponsoring and championing this bill in the Albany County Legislature,” he continued.

The STAGE Act received unanimous support and approval from members of the Albany County Legislature.

“With the STAGE Act, we are positioning Albany County as a leader in sustainable business and green economic development,” said Andrew Joyce, Speaker of the Albany County Legislature. “As the green energy sector continues to grow steadily, I’m proud to know that we have a streamlined approach to attracting these projects to our county and encouraging them to create new jobs and boost the local economy.”

Under the STAGE Act, the director of the Albany County Department of Economic Development will be responsible for carrying out the stated goals of the legislation, which includes funding renewable energy companies, as well as promoting intermunicipal agreements. and working with local development agencies that lend themselves to green economic development.

The Director of Economic Development is authorized to work cooperatively with the County Executive, Comptroller, Legislature, and County Attorney to implement Local Law A. Final STAGE Law rules and regulations will be developed by the Director and then approved by the County Legislative Assembly. Exact funding levels for the STAGE Act will be determined each year as part of the county’s annual budget cycle.

This local law will be effective upon filing with the New York State Secretary of State.

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