Lake Wylie SC Economic Development 2022 on Hospitality, Healthcare

Susan Bromfield has been President of the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce for 30 years.

Susan Bromfield has been President of the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce for 30 years.

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Editor’s Note: Today, The Herald begins a series of articles on economic development activity in some key areas of York County, both in 2021 and 2022. Answers have been edited for space.

Lake Wylie is a growing expanse of real estate between Charlotte and northwest York County. It is a connection point with direct routes to Clover, York and Rock Hill, as well as Gaston County in North Carolina. In recent years, the trend has been to increase the number of people and new businesses.

Susan Bromfield is President of the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce. She has three decades tracking the business pulse of the York County unincorporated area.

From healthcare to assisted living, a new hotel and even more new home construction, this is what Bromfield is seeing in his area:

What are some of the biggest business openings, projects or success stories in Lake Wylie for 2021?

I think the biggest business success stories in Lake Wylie for 2021 have been how our businesses have navigated, adapted and met the challenges created by operating, growing and flourishing during a pandemic year. We started 2021 without a vaccine and without knowing exactly how to plan and adapt. Over the year, plans were made and businesses adapted to meet the circumstances. Our restaurants have grown to create a permanent and attractive outdoor dining space. River Hills Country Club has adapted and created a backyard cruise ship atmosphere with its creative outdoor activities for kids and adults alike. There were movies on the green, viewing Christmas decor from a golf cart along the cart tracks, date night with wine tasting along the cart track, take out meals every night with a theme and atmosphere to complement everyday choices. There was no end to the ideas of providing safe meals, activities and recreation as people worked from home or stayed close to home. Grocery stores and drugstores have increased delivery and pick-up options.

The challenges across the community were met with creativity, thinking outside the box and creating a business and community attitude of helping and supporting each other and our less fortunate neighbors. The generous spirit shone throughout the community as our businesses and neighbors helped each other. There were food drives and “blessing boxes” that were built and filled and filled so that those in need could access food and other items. Lowe’s has grown and added to its building to open a rental service with a lot of large equipment that can be rented at a reasonable price. Tractor Supply Co. bought land and built a new business in Lake Wylie which opened on December 18th. Papa Doc’s Shore Club adapted and created more outdoor space and offered a food delivery service to the boats at the dock. The Copper Premium Pub has expanded the outdoor dining areas, creating a permanent ambiance that draws diners from everywhere. A major addition to the community was CaroMont Healthcare opened a new emergency care facility in a rented space in Village Harbor near the new Starbucks. What an opportunity for this opening in 2021 when the community needed to have easy local access to emergency care or to make an easy appointment for care. Commercial land has been sold and several projects are underway for 2022. 2021 has started with uncertainty and ends with many of our businesses being stronger, more creative and successful and ready for more growth and prosperity in the world. during the coming year.

As the calendar turns to 2022, what is the biggest economic development project underway in Lake Wylie? How will this change Lake Wylie?

Two important projects come to mind that show a trend and both meet a need in our growing community. Land was purchased adjacent to the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce on Latitude Lane to build an assisted living facility. As members of our aging community or having their aging parents and family members nearby who need help with daily living, this facility will allow our neighbors and family members to stay in the community and will allow families to stay nearby with a little help with their daily life.

The second concerns land which was purchased by CaroMont Healthcare on Nautical Lane next to Arby’s. There are plans to build a medical facility that will house an assortment of doctors’ offices and for emergency care. With our rapidly growing community, having more doctor’s offices nearby will be of huge benefit to the whole community. This year, CaroMont Healthcare plans to inaugurate the new facility and hopefully will open the new medical offices in the second half of 2022.

A new hotel / motel is expected to be built in 2022 located behind Dunkin Donuts. A new Jiffy Lube is in the works. Another commercial (project) known as The Meld will be built in 2022 by Walmart on Highway 274 with commercial offices and space for a restaurant.

Other projects are slated for 2022 and are not ready to announce their plans until the process is followed.

Various businesses have opened and many have thrived, showing a strong and stable economy in Lake Wylie. Plans are planned for the future and growth continues. (As long as a moratorium is in place to slow residential growth to allow time for county planning.)

What is a major business development effort that will take place in 2022 that people may not yet know much about?

CaroMont Healthcare plans to build a medical facility in Lake Wylie, bringing more doctors, local services and easy access to the entire community. It will also create new job opportunities.

The new assisted living facility will create new jobs and help the community and its aging population. Overall, real estate, mortgage and growth related businesses are strong and continue to grow.

What’s the biggest business challenge Lake Wylie will face in 2022?

I would argue that at this point, with the COVID variant, businesses will continue to navigate to operate safely, thrive, and grow in 2022. Supply chain shortages are expected to abate as we head into 2022.

Workforce development will remain a priority and a challenge at the same time in 2022. Hiring and having enough employees is and will be a challenge in 2022. Lake Wylie, District Chamber Clover School and other partners will work to organize career fairs and promote jobs to help businesses and help those in need of employment.

What businesses will people see more in Lake Wylie at the end of 2022 than they do now?

Health care facilities and assisted living facilities, service companies and many new businesses that support auto care are located in this busy corridor where more than 40,000 vehicles travel daily.

The obvious sector that is strong and growing is driven by growth is construction, and all that goes with building houses, landscaping, garden maintenance, cement work, plumbers, electricians. , mortgage lenders.

On top of all this, Lake Wylie Field Day Park opened in November 2020 and has already been a huge asset to the community. In 2021, the new special tax district voted in November 2020 has already secured land for public recreation and preservation on the Van Avery / Lance Cracker land as well as on the goat farm which is also expected to be used for farmers’ markets, community use and preserved. development. These projects are important to the community and also get people to support restaurants and other businesses.

Lake Wylie continues to experience growth, prosperity and a strong economy.

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