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KINGMAN — Gina Kremper is one of Mohave County’s newest employees and an integral part of the small economic development department. She was hired after a long search for an indispensable assistant for Tami Ursenbach, the tireless director of the Department of Economic Development.

Kremper spent most of her life in the big city of Philadelphia, and was born and raised in the eastern metropolis. As a working adult, she held various leadership positions with AEX Corporation, a logistics company specializing in last-mile pharmaceutical delivery.

During this long period, she received professional training throughout her career in all phases of customer service, leadership, logistics, distribution and business management. All of this was a huge incentive to recruit her for a key position in economic development.

A job offer for an assistant from Ursenbach sealed the deal for Kremper to change his lifestyle relatively late in life. May 2022 has become decision-making time for Kremper and his family to head west and transition to a more “slowed down” lifestyle.

Previous visits to Kingman have put him at the top of the list. She got the county job and now Kremper, her husband, Michael, and her mother, Eileen, are in their rural home with a fresh start. She has two sons, one in California and one in Pennsylvania.

Kremper points out that economic development and tourism are extremely busy right now.

She and Ursenbach administer a monthly Regional Community Human Resources and Small Business Business Meeting to connect people in Mohave County to discuss business topics such as employee retention, workforce housing, ideas on how to motivate the workforce and education. Over the past few weeks, they have launched the Business Retention and Expansion Program and have been successful in connecting several small businesses to the resources needed to help with executive hiring, retention and training. This can lead to the eventual funding of grants to start projects to benefit the communities in which the businesses are located.

Everything has been fine with Kremper in her short time in County. She does not understand why some positions remain vacant. She says, “The county, as an employee, has been a great experience for me. The onboarding and orientation process was thorough. The benefits are outstanding and there are various wellness programs that I take full advantage of. County gyms are available in several buildings, and health screenings, blood drives, etc. were incredibly convenient. She adds that the multiple benefits offered are excellent and that “the working atmosphere is professional but relaxed”.

Kremper is a big fan of every sports team in Philadelphia and those shouts at this year’s World Series came from the new residents of this Kingman home. She is also a new member of the Route 66 Rotary Club, which keeps her somewhat grounded in her new community for special local networking and volunteerism.

Kremper says the county’s hiring process “was one of the best I’ve seen and there are no questions left unanswered.” Throughout the process everyone was helpful and respectful.

She says, “Moving across the country from Philadelphia to a small town in the desert was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I want to be an active member of the county and my community.

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