Joe Biden’s love affair with socialists, communists


President Joe Biden’s chosen new currency comptroller just stepped off the Marxist bus, graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 and has spoken glowingly of communism ever since.

It’s quite a public relations problem for a president of a free market nation.

Willow Omarova was named by the White House in September as the ideal controller of the currency in part, as she would be the “first woman and person of color” to take on this role.

Unfortunately, she also brings a lot of Communist baggage there.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Omarova wants to eliminate banks altogether.

“She graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 with the Lenin Personal Academic Fellowship,” the newspaper wrote. “Thirty years later, she still believes that the Soviet economic system was superior and that the American bank should be remade like Gosbank.”

She tweeted about the free market’s shortcomings in terms of ensuring gender equity – something capitalism doesn’t even care about, at least not on your old P&L, the flagship of the successes of the companies. And she is downright hostile to the idea that supply and demand determine wages and product prices, preferring instead that the federal government – the state – set such values.

So, just to be clear: Biden wants a flamboyant, shameless Communist in charge of America’s banking industry.

As if the proudly socialist and boisterous congressional squad weren’t bad enough.

As if an open socialist like Senator Bernie Sanders enshrining climate change and social justice in infrastructure legislation isn’t bad enough.

We must hand all of America’s financial fate and America’s entrepreneurship over to a shameless Communist in the Treasury?

Omarova would be a disaster.

But again, his pressures and political plans for the US economy – for the state to take control of the bank, for the state to take control of the currency, for the state to “rethink our system. financial and turns the Fed’s balance sheet into a real “people’s ledger,” as she wrote in a tweet – all of these ideas are just an integral part of all the ideas of the Democratic Party these days.

The Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party of the John F. Kennedy era.

Heck, it’s not even party time in Bill Clinton’s day.

Neither JFK nor Bill Clinton hated America. They may have advanced policies that were different from the Republican ideal; they may have been weak in the realm of personal morals and spongy on the limits of the powers of government. But even Clinton, even morally bankrupt Clinton, did not outright plot to bring America to its national knees – did not cry savagely for a complete paralysis of the Constitution and a complete change in the foundations of governance and American politics. It was Barack Obama.

Barack Obama inaugurated the far left party.

Barack Obama was the one who pledged to change the way America is structured.

Barack Obama is the one who really – and oddly enough, given his own skin color and high-ranking role in the White House – stoked racial divisions and tensions, calling the country inherently racist.

Barack Obama is the one who hated capitalism and instead adopted the socialist-slash-communist principles of the global elites.

And now foolish Joe Biden is being crushed by those same anti-American elites.

Biden’s choice for Controller is a Communist in spirit and in principle.

And that makes her a perfect candidate for today’s Democratic Party.

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