Jobs and Skills Summit |

The Jobs and Skills Summit will bring together Australians, including trade unions, employers, civil society and governments, to address our shared economic challenges.

When: September 1-2, 2022

Where: Parliament, Canberra

What: The summit and resulting jobs white paper will focus on:

  • keep unemployment low, boost productivity and incomes
  • provide secure, well-paying jobs and strong, sustainable wage growth
  • expand employment opportunities for all Australians, including the most disadvantaged
  • address skills shortages and ensure the right mix of our skills over the long term
  • improve migration settings to support higher productivity and wages
  • maximizing renewable energy jobs and opportunities, tackling climate change, the digital economy, the care economy and a made-in-Australia future
  • and ensuring that women have equal opportunities and equal pay.

Led by the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, and supported by other key Ministers, the Summit will recommend immediate actions and opportunities for medium and long-term reform.

Although attendance at the Summit is limited and by invitation only, the Treasury will be inviting submissions and engaging the wider community over the next 12 months.

The Summit program and a thematic document will be published before the event.

Submissions to the white paper will open later in 2022.


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