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The Forbes Shire council election is approaching December 4 and the lawyer profiles our candidates, starting with the current councilors who will be standing for re-election. They will be presented, in alphabetical order, over the coming week …

CANDIDATE: Sports facilities and housing availability are just two of the issues that Cr Jeff Nicholson has in mind if he is re-elected. Photo: Forbes Shire Council

The availability of residential land, the beautification of our CBD, and upcoming improvements to our sports grounds are three of the key elements that Cr Jeff Nicholson celebrates at the end of an extended five-year term on the board.

Cr Nicholson was chairman of the economic development committee seven or eight years ago when they identified the building block shortage as a key issue for Forbes.

The demand for housing has only grown, and Cr Nicholson was delighted to see the first blocks of Goldridge Estate land on the market.

The development of CBD is also up to the task and it’s not just about looking better, it’s about comfort, especially during the hot summer months.

“We had a meeting with the Forbes Chamber of Commerce and they were very concerned about the weather in Rankin Street,” said Cr Nicholson, explaining that the heat on summer days deters pedestrians.

Central Business District greening projects have come a long way in the past

“It will be fantastic when this is all over,” said Cr Nicholson.

“We have it all on the drawing board up to the minute.”

Heavily involved in local sport, Cr Nicholson is also particularly keen to see improvements to our sport facilities take shape over the next term following the approval of the Global Recreation and Open Space Strategy.

Junior sport, he points out, draws hundreds of people to our city every weekend, “and the dollars spent in town are fantastic.”

Quality parks, such as Nelson Park and the Airplane Park, are so important.

Attracting industry and value-added agriculture businesses to Forbes is the key to the future, says Nicholson.

Forbes has demonstrated its resilience to drought and flooding, and agriculture appears poised to gain strength.

Our industrial zone still has capacity, he adds, and it is possible to take advantage of the remoteness of metropolitan areas.

“We need to focus on industry and agriculture and move them forward,” he said.

“I think we have great potential right now for companies with 20 to 50 employees, given the changing regional areas.”

With all of this in turmoil, Cr Nicholson would encourage more people to view counseling as a way to serve their community.

“You have to have the time to do it,” he added.

Being willing to ask questions, assert your ideas and defend your decisions are all key attributes of being part of local government, he says.

You can read more about the candidacies in the local elections on December 4 on the Election Commission website.

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