HND/Bsc dichotomy bane of Nigeria’s industrial and economic growth, says former Rector – New Telegraph

Former Rector of the Federal Polytechnic in Ilaro, Ogun State, Dr. Olusegun Aluko has blamed the underdevelopment of Nigeria’s industrial sector and weak economy on the disparity among graduates Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bsc in the labor market.

Aluko argued that Nigeria would experience rapid economic, technological and industrial growth if HND and Bsc graduates had equal opportunities in the labor market.

Aluko disclosed a farewell event, organized by the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), held at the institute

tion campus in honor of the rector on Saturday.

Aluko, an architect, described the discrimination against polytechnic graduates in the country as regrettable, insisting that Nigeria would have progressed if equal opportunities had been given to HND and Bsc graduates.

He added that polytechnic graduates are not inferior to their university counterparts, “because many polytechnic graduates are self-employed and have dominated all occupations due to the exceptional skills they have acquired.

He continued, “I am one of the advocates for removing the dichotomy between HND and Bsc graduates and what I mean by being removed is that everyone should have equal opportunities.

“For example, in ICAN, HND, Bsc, all will go to take the ICAN exam, but go and check the percentage of those who pass the exam, whether they are university or polytechnic graduates.

“If everyone else were to give polytechnic graduates the equal opportunity as ICAN gives them, Nigeria would have progressed. Let engineers give HND and Bsc graduates equal opportunity and see what will happen because I know I can say categorically that my HND graduates from this polytechnic in any field of engineering are not inferior to any college graduate.

“And for any development to take place, there has to be a rethinking of the technology side of this country and that’s what we’re saying, we’re talking about unemployed graduates, that’s because graduates don’t have skills .


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