Hire experts to tackle economic challenges, says Rep to Buhari


A member of the House of Representatives, Oluwole Oke, urged the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired), to hire the services of experts to deal with the current economic situation in the country.

The People’s Democratic Party lawmaker representing the Obokun / Oriade Federal Constituency of Osun State called on the president to end his borrowing streak and think about how to reorganize the economy.

He said so in his remarks at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State, upon honorary graduation from the university.

Oke, who is the chairman of the House public accounts committee, said: “The challenge this country faces is due to the somersault in economic policies and I want to urge President Buhari’s government to engage a seasoned economist in the process. his government because I haven’t seen a single economist in this government and that’s why we continue to have problems bordering on revenue leakage, the revenue is there, but we continue to borrow.

“There is nothing wrong with borrowing, but when you borrow you have to do something with the money, something tangible like investment projects that will pay back the borrowed money but no loan to pay. workers’ wages, no loans to go to seminars.

“There are laws that the federal government and parliament need to work on, we need to look at our fiscal principles, how oil and gas rich areas work, how Nigeria Export Promotion works in the desert and find out what’s going on. going there, because these foreign companies and some locals are exploiting these laws because they are open to avoid and evade tax. “


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