FM. CNN host Rick Sanchez on Latino messaging. Larry Summers inflation shit. Health insurance for all.

Rick Sanchez dispels myths about the Latino population. Larry Summers wants the poor and middle class to pay for corporate failures.

Rick Sanchez did not disappoint.


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  • Rick Sanchez discusses spreading the Latino message and his new media company, Agua Media: Rick Sanchez didn’t mince words as he discussed Latinos not only in the media, but also in representation and value to America. It encompasses everything.
  • Larry Summers’ statement on inflation and employment proves that we have a flawed and diabolical economic system: While it’s easy to slam Larry Summers on his statement on inflation and jobs, he’s a victim of an economic system devoid of humanity and morality.
  • The Healthcare Cost Calculator shows that most Californians would save big with Medicare for All: “By working together, Californians can save our state billions, every family thousands, and most importantly, ensure healthcare for all so everyone has equal access to lifesaving treatment.” Universal health activists in California on Monday unveiled a tool they say shows how most working families would save at least hundreds — and likely thousands — of dollars each year if the state implemented a system of the Medicare for All type.

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