Economic development of J&K under the Modi government

A large natural resource base has enabled J&K to develop land to grow the main fruits. With varying agro-climatic conditions, the scope of horticulture is considerably high at J&K. Agrifood and agro-industrial industries (excluding conventional grinding and extraction units) thrive in UT. J&K has an ideal climate for floriculture and a huge assortment of flora and fauna. J&K has the largest tulip garden in Asia.

The craftsmanship of J&K is world famous and the traditional cottage industry has grown into a big industry. Due to its large employment base and export potential, the industry has received priority government attention. UT is also famous for its cottage and cottage industries such as carpet weaving, silk, shawls, basketry, pottery, copper and silverware, papier mache and walnut wood. Handicrafts provide direct and remunerative employment for around 340,000 artisans.

After August 5 of last year, there is a visible change (in J&K) in all areas, whether it is unfinished projects, the implementation of centrally sponsored programs, the development of infrastructure and security situation ”,

On August 5 last year, the Center abrogated the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and divided the former state into two Union Territories.

extend the benefits of various centrally sponsored programs like Ayushman Bharat to all residents of Union Territory and the PM Special Scholarship Program (PMSSS) for Jammu and Kashmir students and many other programs of the Department of Minority affairs.

Peace is essential for development, tourism and job creation for young people.

Development is impossible without peace. For tourism to thrive, peace is again imperative. Peace is the key to making the dreams of young people come true.

Prime Minister Modi’s six-year reign has provided a most peaceful atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir.

The promises made to the inhabitants of the territory of the Union by the PM are sincerely implemented.

The traditional parties of Jammu and Kashmir have failed in the past 40 years to achieve what the current government has done for the state in all areas of the development of higher education institutions and other infrastructure.

The Modi government not only ensured national integrity but also integrated the region with the vision of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

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