Corbyn to organize ‘Cop26 alternative’ in Scotland

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to come to Scotland to organize an ‘alternative Cop26’.

Mr Corbyn, through his Peace and Justice project, will organize four events, three in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, between 8 and 11 November.

Among the events is a ‘climate justice cabaret’, bringing together musicians and artists, as well as a panel with union leaders and two at conversation-type events.

The Islington MP said he would seek to “raise the voices of others” during the tour.

“The climate emergency is a ‘code red for humanity’ is a critical warning,” he said.

“We need a radical and rapid change to our dangerously shattered and destructive political and economic system.

“Our future is being stolen from us by a coalition of big polluters and big banks, backed by weak politicians too scared to face them.

“I look forward to being in Scotland during Cop26 to add my voice – and more importantly, make the voices of others heard – to deliver radical and rapid change. “

Mr Corbyn added: “This change must be environmental but also social and economic. Our crises of inequality, climate, Covid-19 and democracy are all linked.

“The climate is a question of class for us and international justice for the world. Those who have done the least harm suffer the most and the first.

“This is why the demands of workers and countries of the South must be at the center of our campaign for climate justice.

“Our events will raise their demands through discussions and discussions as well as music and art from extremely talented artists.”

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