Commissioner discusses economic recovery in Minnesota

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – Commissioner Steve Grove visited Rochester on Wednesday as part of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) economic stimulus tour. Its aim is to help the state recover economically after the pandemic brought multiple unforeseen challenges.

“There is a record amount of money flowing out of our department right now to help our economy jump-start in its next chapter,” said Steve Grove, commissioner of DEED.

More than $ 280 million in economic development programs, a $ 150 million fund in support of COVID-19 businesses and $ 250 million in payments for essential workers are just a few of the highlights.

“We know that as Minnesota enters the next chapter of our economy. Nothing is inevitable. We cannot just believe that everything will be fine. We need to invest and make sure those who need it most. help get it so that we have new successful businesses, great opportunities for workers in our marketplace, and our whole state can thrive, ”Grove said.

According to the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, we primarily see and feel the effects of a labor shortage in the hospitality, retail and manufacturing sectors.

“There are challenges both in acquiring this talent, but also in retaining. It’s a bit of a challenge at this point, but I hope that with going back to school, obviously changes to come from the side of unemployment and other factors. I hope it’s going to be going to be that comeback as we enter the holiday season, “said Ryan Parsons, president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

Commissioner Grove said the labor shortage in Minnesota could also be due to the lack of child care services statewide.

“We are currently short of around 80,000 child care spaces. Even today, our ministry launched a new Child Care Economic Development Grant program that is putting nine times more money into the market than ever before to help start new child care businesses. ‘kids,’ Grove says.

While Commissioner Grove and the state are using several programs to help bring Minnesota’s economy back to what it was before the pandemic, many attendees say they value the career paths being implemented by DEED.

You can find more information about DEED, including its goals and ideas, on its website. website.

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