City of Waterville Receives $500,000 Contaminated Sites Assessment Grant from US EPA

WATERVILLE – The City of Waterville is pleased to announce its application for the EPA’s Brownfields Grant Program, a federal initiative that provides direct funding for brownfields assessment, supports future cleanup activities, technical assistance and research. Now secured, federal funding will cover project costs for Waterville-based developers and investors who must complete civil and environmental site assessments in connection with project planning activities and the development of site-specific cleanup plans. .

“Having the ability to encourage sustainable development and transform underutilized spaces into thriving community centers is key to supporting local economic development. This funding will allow the City of Waterville to stimulate the restoration of its historic buildings and sites to encourage commercial and industrial growth, support housing development and create jobs within the municipality,” explains the Director of Planning, Central Maine Growth Council Innovation; and Garvan Donegan Economic Development.

Brownfields are those that have been contaminated with hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants. Sites that complete the assessment process can be redeveloped into a diverse range of uses, including housing, commercial and retail businesses, industrial workspaces, and more. Completing a period of robust revitalization within the municipality and along the Main Street Corridor, the secured assessment funding will support and sustain redevelopment projects for the next 3 years; Waterville was one of 265 communities across the country that was selected to receive a grant.

“These are exciting times for the City of Waterville, which continues to experience tremendous growth linked to private investment and development,” said Waterville City Manager Stephen Daly. “We look forward to providing this funding to support projects that showcase our growing downtown, encourage investment and strengthen our existing housing stock.”

The City of Waterville will deploy development funding through a competitive grant application process in the fall of 2022 to support site assessments related to future development and redevelopment activities. For more information on Brownfields Assessment funding, please email [email protected]

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