“Cities betrayed the public,” Eric Adams told Black News Channel

New York City Mayor Eric Adams mentioned on a TV show Friday that “cities have betrayed the public” and said he was the right candidate to rekindle belief.

Adams has spoken of trying several times in his youth, conceding that he could be on the streets instead of working in the public service if a few issues unfolded otherwise.

“The cities have betrayed the public. New York City is representative of this betrayal, ”the candidate said during a look on the Black News Channel.

“We’ve basically abandoned the common people… we spend our lives dragging people out of the river, but no one is going upstream to stop them from falling into it,” Adams said, paraphrasing Bishop Desmond Tutu and swearing to mean them. underserved populations of the metropolis. .

Adams mentioned that education will likely be seen as one of his priorities if he is elected.
Brittainy Newman, dossier / AP

The Democrat said he felt “stable” heading into Tuesday’s game against Republican Curtis Sliwa, where he is favored by an unlimited margin.

Adams informed the community that the three main issues he would deal with as mayor are public safety, education and the economic system, calling the jobs an “anti-violence agenda.”

“Education contributes to many of the issues that we face… there is a real feeling that blacks and brunettes have been abandoned by the education system,” said the 61-year-old.

The ex-cop also said he would “redefine the public safety ecosystem,” to bring psychological health services to suspects while standing behind the cops who do their jobs, but further toughening those who don’t. do not.

Adams mentioned that he liked his chances of beating Curtis Sliwa.

“If you think you’re going to stay in that uniform and rape the public, that’s not going to happen,” the Brooklyn Borough President said.

Adams can be New York’s second black mayor if elected.

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