Armenia could have serious economic problems if its vector changes

Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Nairi Sargsyan noted that today, in general, we [i.e., Armenia] face a number of challenges, some of which are obvious, some of which are difficult to predict.
“Yes, realignments are taking place in the world, and in the context of these realignments, it is very difficult to predict from which specific direction what challenge AR might face.
But it is obvious that we have a security problem related to the ever-increasing and ever-increasing demands of Azerbaijan. There is no equivalent response from our country. In this context, let us add the global energy and food crises. Consider also recent events, which show that AR authorities may decide to implement changes in external vectors.
In this regard, there can be several scenarios. If there is a vector change and we go outside the RF influence zone, we can have very serious economic problems related to RF exports. We may also have a problem with [Russian natural] gas price tariffs. We also don’t know if we can import [natural gas] from Iran or not.
These are assumptions that may or may not come true. It will all depend on how they change the vector, whether they burn bridges or not. But it is obvious: there is a risk that the change of vector will lead to the total absence of [Armenia’s] exports to the FR, some restrictions. It is about 1/3 of RF exports. This can have a serious and catastrophic effect on the economy,” N. Sarkissian said in a conversation with Past.

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