Alessandro Bazzoni examines opportunities for transformative growth in African economies

Alexandre bazzoni

The African continent is currently going through a phase of transformative growth in terms of economic development, with key sectors of the economy experiencing rapid improvement and acceleration. There are a number of opportunities that have come together to unlock this transformative growth, and these are all fueling the continent’s upward economic progress. Having been recognized in many African countries for his charitable and philanthropic work, Alessandro Bazzoni has a vested interest in Africa’s potential for sustained economic growth. Here, he takes a closer look at these long-term trends.

A rapidly urbanizing and growing population

Currently, Africa has a population of around 1.2 billion, and this figure is expected to rise to around 1.7 billion over the next decade. Over 80% of this population growth will almost certainly take place in cities, making Africa the fastest urbanizing region of the world. In addition, Bazzoni points out that incomes are also increasing in much of Africa, which opens up new opportunities in the consumer market for companies. By 2030, Bazzoni predicts that African businesses and consumers will spend more than $ 6 trillion annually, an increase of $ 2 billion from 2015. This upward trend favors market growth in the sectors where the needs of the population are currently unmet, including beverages, food, financial services, education, health care and pharmaceuticals.

A continent in the process of industrialization

An industrial revolution is underway in Africa, with manufacturers increasing their production of a wide range of products. Bazzoni calculates that industries in Africa have the potential to double production over the next ten years with about 75% of that growth coming from manufacturing which will substitute for imports and help meet increased local demand. Export manufacturing is also likely to occur, and Bazzoni believes Africa will become the next global manufacturing hub to overtake China as a lower-cost region. Sectors such as agro-industry, tourism and ICT services will play a key role in this change.

Bridging the infrastructure gap

Bazzoni says poor infrastructure has long been a major obstacle to growth and investment in Africa. As a former senior executive within the sustainable energy industry, he is well placed to understand the impact that lack of access to the grid has on approximately 600 million Africans. However, thanks to investments and the sustainable energy revolution, progress is now being made and more entrepreneurs and investors are coming forward to address the infrastructure challenges facing the continent as a whole.

Innovations that free up the wealth of resources

It has been known for centuries that Africa is abundant in mineral and agricultural resources. However, until recently, the continent has struggled to transform these resources into long-term economic development and shared wealth. Now, however, new investments and innovations promise to change that image, creating exciting business opportunities for growth. Bazzoni’s area of ​​focus – sustainable energy – is a valuable and untapped resource in this region, with the potential to harness solar, hydro and wind power to help generate enough electricity for the needs of the population, lifting millions of Africans out of energy poverty. .

Increased access to mobile and digital services

It goes without saying that access to mobile and digital services is vital for a country to progress in today’s modern era. Until recently, the African continent was lagging behind in this regard. However, over the past decade, huge strides have been made, with sub-Saharan Africa experiencing a large number of broadband connections and a huge increase in mobile data traffic across the continent. Mobile money accounts are extremely prevalent in Africa, with over 120 million belonging to the population of the continent, which is equivalent to more than half of the global total. This has helped those who previously did not have access to traditional banks to move forward and forge ahead, with businesses benefiting from improved productivity, faster transactions, and access to broader global markets. It has been predicted that improving access to mobile and digital services will add up to $ 300 billion to Africa’s GDP over the next 5 years.

A final word from Bazzoni on Africa’s economic growth

Although the African continent still faces challenges when it comes to improving its economic growth, it is clear that African countries are seizing the above opportunities and taking advantage of them to propel their growth. As a younger and growing workforce improves rapidly, opportunities multiply for those who wish to invest and innovate in this region. By tapping into the region’s unused sustainable energy resources, Bazzoni believes that African countries can boost their economic growth faster and more efficiently, enabling them to become more productive, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable over the years. next two decades.

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