10 suggestions for tackling today’s economic challenges – Ablakwa

North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto has offered some recommendations for the government to consider in its bailout of the IMF and labor unrest.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the MP listed 10 suggestions he says will help address the country’s current socio-economic challenges.

The MP wrote: My pick of urgent spending cuts and concrete actions required in the face of an IMF bailout and crippling labor unrest:

1) Suspend unconstitutional public funding of the US$400 million National Cathedral project for which the government has so far misappropriated over GHS200 million without parliamentary approval.

2) Renegotiate with owners of demolished properties at the National Cathedral site for deferred compensation and save approximately US$100 million.

3) Ban all oligarchic presidential chartered air travel which has cost suffering taxpayers over GHS 34 million in the past 13 months.

4) Announce an immediate review of Ghana’s end-of-service indemnity scheme and remove all ex gratia payments for political and non-political beneficiaries.

5) Drastically reduce the number of ministers, abolish deputy director general positions, dismiss the director general for the non-existent and ridiculous port of Keta and reduce by more than half the 337 outrageous political appointments to the office of the president.

6) Cancel vanity projects such as the proposed new €116 million project for the new Accra International Conference Center, 5 STEM Universities, Boankra Green Technology City, Marine Drive Project, Stadia for Abuakwa and Sunyani, Agenda 111 , new embassies in Trinidad and Tobago and Mexico.

7) Reallocate funds from the government’s lavish GHS 993 million emergency vote (up 431.5% from 186 million in 2021) to other critical sectors such as meeting COLA demands of Ghanaian workers suffering.

8) Parliament should also suspend plans to build new constituency offices for MPs.

9) Shut down all ongoing opaque and crony procurement processes, especially in the communications and digital space where a Nigerian-led cabal has literally hijacked virtually all government contracts (further exposures to this subject will follow shortly).

10) The executive, legislature and civil society organizations should jointly commission a special “recovery and recovery operation” to recover billions of taxpayer funds from the wrong hands, as various auditor reports have revealed general over the past 10 years.

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