Online banking at Good Bank

Online banking at Good Bank has not gone smoothly because the past few years have been turbulent years for companies and institutions in the financial sector. Banks have experienced this personally and have often been the subject of discussion and discussion. Good Bank is a bank that has had a hard time. But Good Bank is a bank that has shown resilience and perhaps has come back stronger than it ever was. The bank has taken a step forward and has become a modern bank that puts the customer’s interests first.

Online is the future


As is the case with so many other things, online banking is also the future. Online banking at Good Bank is therefore well arranged and arranged. Customers can easily log in via a laptop or computer using a so-called e.dentifier. If you do not have this, it is also possible to gain access to your banking through a login code. You also need this login code if you want to manage your banking via the Good Bank app that you can download for your mobile phone or tablet.

Online banking with Good Bank

Online banking with Good Bank

Online banking at Good Bank is not only limited to computer banking. The big advantage of banking via mobile phone is that you can actually do this anytime and anywhere. After all, the only thing you need is a connection to the internet. The use of the mobile banking app is definitely recommended when you go on vacation. On vacation you do not always have access to a PC and then the app offers a solution.


What can you arrange via online banking at Good Bank?

What can you arrange via online banking at Good Bank?

Basically, online banking was primarily meant for checking your account balance and being able to make transfers. It is clear that these are still the most used functions these days. But nowadays, much more is possible if you use online banking at Good Bank. You can arrange the following for yourself:
* Re-application of your debit card or pin code (also from credit card)
* Have an automatically collected amount reversed that you believe the debit is not justified.
* Manage periodic payments
* Manage and take out insurance
* Adjust the standard limit of your bank card for payment or cash machine (temporary increases)
* Opening payment or savings accounts


Not completely


This is a list that is not complete. Hereby you have to know that at this moment a number of things can be arranged online via the PC, but not yet via the app. People are working hard to make as many services as possible available via the app. This is therefore at most a matter of time. You see that online banking at Good Bank offers you a large number of benefits. It is up to you to determine whether this online banking actually suits you.